Why SmokyHosts?
10 Reasons to choose SmokyHosts

10 Reasons to choose SmokyHosts


You can customize every aspect of your hosting packages. Now no need to waste your money on things you don't need. If you have a storage heavy website, get that additional storage instead of spending money on processor or RAM. Similarly if you have a processor heavy web application, get an upgraded processor instead getting those additional SATAs lying around without much use to you.

If you need more customization than what we already give on our order forms, simply mail in your request to sales@smokyhosts.com and we'll give you a no commitment quote to suite your requirement. No minimum term or pricing required to be met.

Custom packages

24/7/365 support

We have proved it over the years that our customers rarely face any issues with our services. In those rare instances that you need some support, we are always available through multiple channels including Chat (bottom right corner of the website), Support Ticket, Email as well as our Forums.

SmokyHosts Support

Powerful tech setup

Over the years, the one thing that we have created and improved our expertise in, is to find and partner with datacenters around the world who offer powerful, stable and almost 0 downtime connectivity to their facilities. We can assure you that once you choose to host with us, you can trust us to be your hosting and network partner, buying you all the time to only focus on running your website or web application.

Technology Partners