Need Help!!!

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Freedom Fighter
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Need Help!!!

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Hello all,

Today Im here to ask for help from a flash/shock wave coder to help me create a farmville
private server.

as it is i dont know anything about flash or shock wave and I do have source files to work from but I have no clue how to break down the source so we can create a database and site for the famrville clone.

my ultimate goal is to clone farmville. Change every graphic/item/image to a new,better totally free farmville.

If anyone is interested please let me know.

so again i need a experience coder in flash/shock wave to clone/change farmville.
and remember
we are working from a source.

thank you.

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Re: Need Help!!!

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You don't need flash anymore, you can do it with canvas and html5 and a bit of javascript/jquery or mootools.

Unless you're willing to invest years of your life and have a lot of money to invest in promotions and design, I wouldn't recommend proceeding with that.
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