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Share your ideas of a new website. Maybe you might inspire someone to kick off another .com boom!!

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Post by Slushie »

I think the Collaborate Now! idea is pretty good. I've seen sites online that let you collaborate on certain things, and they seem good, but there could always be another that does it better, and let's people collaborate on everything, Images, Writings, Videos, Music, etc.

Just a big place where you can sign-up, and post whatever you want to collaborate on, it could be shown to everyone or a select people the members select.

And the people who try and add to an idea, can easily do it online. So if someone posts a video they want help with. Others can view the video and edit it, or go to certain scenes and draw in it like in MSPaint, and type, to show exactly what should be changed. They could draw a circle around something and say this should be changed to so and so.

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Post by ami38701 »

i think it's can be
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Post by iBye »

Good idea, but I have no idea how to pull it off :)
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Post by Zeqya »

Nice Thinking Good Idea
Want A Nice Website With A Forum
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Post by trivium »

Both ideas are cool but I think the second one is more original
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Post by Nicke »

I think something like your first idea already exist. If I understand you as well.
I prefer second, it's more original than first idea. If anyone make something like this, please tell me I want to see how it looks like. :)
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Post by jokovic »

I guess the directory idea can't live up to your expectations in terms of popularity, coz there are too many sites around that provide similar functionality.

Although, the second one can pe designed and promoted to see if its a viable idea.
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Post by Gebbo »

BGHSAnimeclub wrote:First off, how about a website that has a directory, and just send a query and it will pull out the best rated sites that match that query, i.e. social networking, flash games, videos, etc.

And my other is something I've been drawing up called "Collaborate Now!", in which artists, writers, and others, submit ideas, and other people work on them, give ideas, or make changes, with equal credit under a creative commons system, like deviantart, but you can help people (when they have it as an option) or order a work to be done be several artists, writers, musicians, whatever.

If you think it's a good idea, let me know, I've been trying to think up a good way to do it for years now.
Do you mean a website which is solely based on searching for one thing or do you mean something like Google but flashy and better ?
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Re: Two ideas

Post by ya_ch_yv »

For your first idea, I think it's not difficult
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Re: Two ideas

Post by VictorLeigh »

This is a very doable idea. Actually I have one in mind already. It's about a sci-fi story that can be easily made into a game. The problem is I have only been thinking about it, for years, and have never gotten round to actually starting work on it. So this colloboration idea might just be what the doctor ordered. Like put up a site. Start the ball rolling. Let other people add in to the story. Maybe some who are handy with graphics can help to visualize it. Music-savvy people can pitch in, too.
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