PHP 8.2 getting some more performance optimizations to PHP apps

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PHP 8.2 getting some more performance optimizations to PHP apps

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PHP 8.2 already seems to be in its Beta 3 stages, so we should soon be expecting the stable release.

Amongst the usual fixes and deprecations, the few optimizing features that I would realy love to see which would speed up the PHP apps that I noticed...
  • Reduced the memory footprint of strings returned by var_export(), json_encode(), serialize(), iconv_*(), mb_ereg*(), session_create_id(), http_build_query(), strstr(), Reflection*::__toString(). (Arnaud)
  • Improving the JIT performance
  • Implement fseek for zip stream
  • New function memory_reset_peak_usage() - resets the peak memory usage returned by the memory_get_peak_usage function. This can be helpful in applications that invokes or iterates an action multiple times, and needs to record the peak memory usage of each invocation. Without the ability to reset the memory usage with the new memory_reset_peak_usage function, the memory_get_peak_usage returns the absolute peak memory usage throughout the entire run.
Is anyone else following this release?

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