App vs Website – Which to Develop First?

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App vs Website – Which to Develop First?

Post by wowspremium1 »

It’s absolutely crucial to choose the right platform for your debut MVP, and be aware of why it’s been chosen. So, the App vs Website battle is on!

For starters, mobile apps are ****. But should it really be the thing you begin with? Well, the truth is that mobile apps are generally created after the website has been finished, but is this the best decision for your venture?

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Re: App vs Website – Which to Develop First?

Post by SHAdmin »

I feel this really depends on two parameters...
  1. Who is the target audience of your product/service? The web audience or the mobile ones?
  2. If you wish to create an app first, which medium do you plan on promoting that app on? By creating your own promotional website for that app or by investing in advertising?
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