How to get Picture Sizes?

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Post by Flipper3 »

OMG! Thanks SO much! :D

My only problem is that the filesize() doesn't work for me, but I can live without that.

But I also figured out that there are two functions for getting the image width and height:

imagesx() <-----Finds the width
imagesy() <-----Finds the height

I get this error when using the filesize() function....EXACTLY as you told me to:
Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for in /home/********/public_html/*****/*****/******/******.php on line 3
(I just starred out my directories, etc. ;) )

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Post by Lixas »

if you are trying to get external's picture stat, your server must by configured properly to open external resources (I have mentioned it before!!) try to get file size for local image and see if it works ;)
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i dont know :s

by the way

0 posts to go :DDDDD
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try getImageSize() i think u ned to give path to it.
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