Nuke Evolution PhP Modules

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Nuke Evolution PhP Modules

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Alright I am having a bit of a problem, which I always seem to have.

I am working on a guild website for a World of Warcraft Guild. I am attempting to get the guild a bit more organized with Raid Lists (Groups) and Item Loot Lists. I have made the modules in html but then a problem came up which I had not originally thought of, it is all dependent on me and only me to edit. Now I don't mind editing things like this but it would be so much easier if it had a php -> mysql database function that allowed all admins on the website itself to change in the Admin Section.

For anyone familiar with Php Nuke you do have Groups but the forum module for the groups is kind of whacked out and won't show a list directly from the main page with all the information that I need.

I have like I said created the html parts for it but as far as converting it into php -> mysql that is where the problem lies. I created the Admin Section for it to ADD users to the database but it would not connect and I cannot edit anything after that point without going into the phpmyadmin in my cpanel.

So... Here comes the fun part. Either I need to figure out how to not only create tables through php which will add information in the database to the proper columns but also figure out how to make a page to have a drop down of all users in those teams.

For the Item Loot Links that would not be too hard with the tables created in php, because I would not have to edit anything but only add to the database.

I would also want a block to show the groups and how many (*members*)/(*max member*) are in the groups, plus I need the modules to be easily converted to a new module to have more than one page of teams.

I can create all the html files to show exactly what I want displayed, and can send them to anyone who wishes to help.

I've tried to get help before on here and most the time it would end in my project never becoming complete but I believe that may be fault of my own.

I really need this because the Guild is somewhat falling apart and needs to be better organized.

Last thing I have a hack for the phpbb forums. I do not know how many people have used this but it is Event Registration 2.0.3 which was ported for Nuke Evolution which I use and it's currently 2.0.5. I am having a couple issues with this and could use some assistance in figuring out the problem. The website I got it from does not offer support for it as they plainly do not really care about it, but I really need it. I don't think it is an edit issue cause someone on the site tried to add it to their forums and it didn't really work out. The link to the issue which has images is : My name on there is Despaired You can find the issue there. Also a link to the first two files I have created for the Team List can be found My name is also Despaired on here!

If you could offer any help please post and send me your Instant Messenger Type/E-Mail Address so that we can exchange files. Honestly I don't care if it is done in a rush or not I just need something that works, and that will properly suit the Guild in Organization.

I'm having other issues but it wouldn't be polite to run down a whole list.. but Thanks ahead of time for anyone's help. Hope I get some, that way I can finally release the website and have earned my Leadership rights in the guild :D.

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thank u for ur information
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