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My testimonial

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I have to say, this is by far the best free webhost Ive tried, Ive tried a couple of them. I found out about SH from, what was the page again, or something, whatever. I first come just for posting and get the free hosting, but after awhile I started to notice that this is more than just a free hosting, this forum connects people, I got my free hosting, beginner package, I soon found this forum very funny to visit and kept my activity above 50%. Ive seen more and more members, coming here to claim their free hosting, some of them just for the hosting but some people are like me, along with the rest and stay active and are making SH a better place. What about the quialty of SH? Better you have to look for, there have been some small issues with downtime, but you have to accept that, even if you pay for the hosting, so very nice job guys. What about the support? Havent used the support function, Ive just posted here, but also here Im very pleased, fast responses, both from Admin and the rest of the SH-members.I wouldnt change webhost and Im here as long as my site will exist and SH exist. I want to thank SHadmin for having free hosting for all of us, who cant afford a paid one, also the moderators for helping the community and last, all loyal members of SH, without you there wouldnt be such a friendly envirement. Thanks!

Also, I didnt do this to win the .net domain, so I rather see you pick someone who really need it, than me.


Sorry, my grammar sucks sometimes and the spelling is crap also.

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