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I have been a member of Smokyhosts since February 16, 2005 and I have been very happy with it's support and services. I started out as just a normal member trying to find a hosting service which would offer free services and actually stick around long enough to offer a dependable website for my members.

Once I got here the support was almost perfect with quick responses and great quick actions to get everything dealt with properly. There have been some times that I have seen downtime but as always Smokyhosts gets to the bottom of the problems and restores uptime quickly to maintain their promise of great uptime.

Now after almost three years I have managed to become a Moderator where I help maintain the forums to keep spam off of here to bring a better community to the members. I couldn't be more happy with anyone else because not only have I found a great host who shows they are here to stay and a great friend who cares about his members.

SHAdmin is probably one of the best webmasters and web hosts around because he mingles in with the members of this site to answer questions and show he cares.

If you are thinking about getting free hosting go ahead and give Smokyhosts a try because you will be happy here and when you decide to purchase hosting you won't want to get it anywhere else.

With three years of life and thousands of members how could you go wrong to choose Smokyhosts?

Reached 5000 Credits! The highest of any member on Smokyhosts! New milestone for Me!
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