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Smoky Rocks

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Dear All,
[Long Ago]
Well just like my username my Name is Jason Dsouza. Well I remember the time before I could just join Smokyhosts. I was frantically searching for all possible free hosts possible using and I think its through that I came across Well when I saw the packages it offered , they were really cool. At that time it had to compete among other free hosts and hence it gave extremely cool packages for free hosting like unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email boxes. Well all that has gone a tremendous change now. The packages have changed but it is nevertheless bad. It still remains my favorite otherwise I wouldn't be here writing this testimonial.

Well The best part about Smokyhosts is the forum. I like the concept of having one to pay for the hosting not through money but by the point system chalked out by SHAdmin. It just emphasizes on the fact that there is nothing in this world called a 'free lunch'. Well through the forum many people have voiced their opinion to help each other in many different ways. Well I have seen some amount of Spam also. But the moderators and SHAdmin have worked well to keep out Spam from the smokyhosts board. Smokyhosts also provides free domains for a year which is one of the best features of smokyhosts. I don't think any other site actually provides features like these on the internet.

Honestly Speaking I would tell you that I never liked the templates of Smokyhosts forum. But the current template is not very bad. In fact it is good and much better than the black template and the previous template. At least this template looks much much better than the previous ones.

Well I would feel obliged if Smokyhosts would introduce the system of trading points between members. That would be very nice. People can trade points for help and people would also get a lot of proffesional help through this way. Well this is only a suggestion and my way of seeing the future of a Community board. I also thought it would be better if smoky creates a better power package or rather an enhanced power package for its users.

[My future in Smokyhosts]
Well I am curently building a community portal using many cool web applications and with help from other smoky users whose name I am not going to release so soon. Well this site has been my dream and I am working to make it a reality. Its only through smokyhosts which will help me reach this reality pretty soon. I have also booked a domain for that and its called Visit it after the first of January. And I think it would be great if you could register on my web site.
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Re: Smoky Rocks

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Not sure what happened to your website, but at this moment I cannot visit it in China
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