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iPod Wizard wrote:Theres a good one in .tk.... google it.. oh and have you seen my post here? MY POST

The .tk now forces MAJOR ads on you. I used to love them but now... now you can't even visit a site with firefox a lot of the times. Of course this is only if you get 1000 + visitors in a month, but it's not hard to do. doesn't force ads they just require you to place a 31 x 88 size affiliate button on the front page of your site. Not bad eh? 8)
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with .tk u get that banner aal on top of your website.That's just a crap
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Try,, or just spend $5.99/year for a real domain at
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I heard that still doesnt work but you should really try and their subdomain section because you have full control of the A,MX,NS records and has almost 5000 "domains" all for free.
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I preffer using but thiers require you to have a link back.

But I reccomend using the one w/,,,, etc. There are many to choose from.
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Nice,thank for share the link.
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eeeewww, I'd rather pay $5 for a domain.
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Top level domains are very cheap to buy nowadays. Only a one off payment per year.
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but what should i do if i do not have abbility to transfer money to domain registrar, what should i do if i have cash ? :)
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