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Directory List & Tips

Post by anish »

I gathered a list of free general directories when I submitted E.S.Photography to them about a week ago. These are the lists of the succsesful ones, the ones that didn't load for some reason and those that require cash or a reciprical link even though advertised as free:

Successful (994)

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Didn't Load (164)

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Require Cash/Reciprical/not general (382)

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html list


A couple of things really helped me speed things up. First is a freeware programme at that can store text and paste it when you press a key combination. Combined that with a with can assign macros to its keys and you get a single keypress to paste the URL, Description, etc, instantly. You can actually take this another step. Since a lot of the directories follow the same format you can set up a sort of macro of macros. What I mean is you set a key on the Nostromo to paste the URL, then press tab, then paste the description, then tab, and so on so that it fills the entire form virtually instantly.

A lot of the directories need descriptions between 100 and 200 characters, some need more then 15, so ideally make a description between 150 and 200 characters.

Finally just make sure that the submission is written in such a way that the directories can't find a reason to remove it (e.g. remove things like "great site"), the last thing you want is to submit to 1000 directories only to have 300 reject you.

One last thing, I spent a number of days submitting to all these, at the end of that I was on the verge of having a nasty case of repetative strain injury. Next time I think I'll spread the submitting over a longer time period.
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Post by sobkisu »

Thank you for your list and tips. But please do more clear plz :(
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Post by ArunNayak »

directory submission and bookmarking submission have the important role in seo..they helps to get the collecting the directory list before going to the seo is most important...
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Post by alexbrown044 »

When your pages indexed by google then it calls indexing and when your website have operation like bookmarking, forums, articles and directory submissions then it calls optimization.

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Post by ArunNayak »

thanx for ur posting..I like ur posting..but please more clear about ur information.then it is more understable..

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Post by miketyson »

Thank you sharing nice information . I will definitely help others too.
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Post by Williamundib »

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