Crack down on Spam.

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Crack down on Spam.

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I've noticed some spam get's through and we Mod's just can't handle all of this alone. So I am asking that people who post, if you see spam PLEASE notify the Moderator of that Forum via PM. I will post what spam is on here and if you spot anything that resembles it, let me know.

1. Spam is short meaningless posts.
Ex. runescape rocks ( This adds nothing to the topic, just meaningless. )
2. Spam is a reply to spam, to build the spam.
3. Spam is saying something is spam.
4. Spam is something that is confusing and once again add's nothing.

Ex. of a spam Topic.
Person1: Tell us what you think about Golfing. ( Has a Point, not spam )
Person2: sucks ( SPAM! )
Person3: {Quote: Person2}sucks{/quote} That's spam ( SPAM! )
Person4: I enjoy the 18 holes and it's really relaxing. ( Not Spam! )

From now on we have a SPAM Limit you must, and I say must add atleast 7 words to form a correct sentance. If you add 5 words and it's got a point your safe but from now on, no ( I agree's ) and other short meaningless posts.

Punishments for Spamming:
1. Post deleted or modified, and points reduced.
2. If it continues, possible revoke of hosting and all points erased.
3. Ip Lock on your account and negative points if it's out of hand.
4. Possible IP Ban if the person abuses spamming.

I am an extremely busy man, and I will warn everyone if I spot spam to MODIFY thier posts. If posts are not modified I will take proper actions.

If someone's topic states " Join my CS Squad " and you post "CS is a lame, game and a waste of money." IT IS SPAM! I am seriously cracking down on this and need the help of all people who post in my sections. Thank you for your support to keep the forums clean.

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