help with simulator script?

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help with simulator script?

Post by balgha »

many website used the soja (AJAX) ( to creat a simulator to calculate things (www dot samicar dot com/simulateur.php), so, i ask if any one know how it work?
thanks :D
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Im sorry I would offer to help But i simply dont speak that language.
I assume that this is a rental car system to reserve a car from date/time to date/time.
this is quite the script to create and i believe it uses a database of some sort to prevent over/under booking.

Im rather new to Ajax but im pretty sure this has nothing to do with it, tho i could be all wrong because i dont know what im reading :(
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It bans when it sees anything with # and it doesent ban things like #pug etc. It auto unbans the ban in 15mins.

If some one can help me that would be awesum.
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