Important :: Read before you use the forums

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Important :: Read before you use the forums

Post by SHAdmin » Sat Jan 27, 2007 5:13 pm

Today onwards, the New System will be in place which will remove the following things from the old system of handeling the forum members and hosting accounts....
  • Now also offering free .com domain names!! Coming soon....
  • No more point per post system
  • No more requirement for minimum points per month
  • Now use points in a much more effective manner

To give further details, i will put them in form of an FAQ....

How do i become eligible for getting a free hosting account?
  • Beginers Hosting account :: 10 posts and 10 points in the forums
  • Advanced Hosting account :: 30 posts and 50 points in the forums
  • Power Hosting account :: 100 posts and 100 points in the forums
  • Refer to full details of the free hosting packages here and here

How do i request for free hosting account?
  • Find the details of various hosting packages offered here and here
  • Make up your mind which one suites you the best in terms of your requirement as well as in terms of posts and point eligibility
  • Proceed to request for your free hosting account here

How do i earn points?
  • By participating in the forums.
  • By signing up to "Free to signup" offers given here (actuall value of points earned is mentioned with each offer)
  • By writing a "HOW TO" which you think will be usefull for the members of the forums (Get 25 points to 100 points per "HOW TO" depending on how well it is written, how usefull it will be, and how original it looks)
  • If any suggestion that you make, is used by (100 points)
  • Top posting member of the month (100 points)
  • Keep checking this place for many more ways to earn points

How and Where do i use my points?
  • For requesting for free hosting account, the details of which are given here and here
  • Free .info domain name (300 points and atleast 50 posts in the forums)
  • For Opening an advertising thread in the "Advertising my site" section. (15 points per thread)
  • For re-activating a suspended hosting account (Beginers Package - 30 points; Advanced Package - 50; Power Package - 100)
  • Keep checking this place for many more ways to spend points

What is the cache behind such good deals?
  • All Beginers Hosting account holders must have atleast 5% activity on the forums.
  • All Advanced Hosting account holders must have atleast 10% activity on the forums.
  • All Power Hosting account holders must have atleast 20% activity on the forums.

Any further details will be posted/udpated here, so please keep a check on this thread.