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How-To Ideas!

Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 12:23 pm
by TheCrymsonLegends
While we are awaiting the arrival of the How-To Wiki page that does not quite mean we can stop posting our How-To's. Now I've come to realize that many people love making these how-to's and not just because they want to share their knowledge but they enjoy making them.

The best part of a How-To is that you get to help other people learn and then they are able to understand and create some of the things they are looking for. There is unfortunately one downfall to how this works, and that is sometimes the how-to's people are looking for are never really posted.

Now you are probably thinking "Why would I post in here when I get points deducted from my points!?" Well the answer is simple, isn't it worth losing one point if what you are looking for is actually written out so that you can now understand and accomplish what you are looking for!? I would say yes.

So you can now post in this thread what you are trying to learn and people who make these how-to's or know how to do that MAY just write it out in a how-to. Why would people make these how-to's!? Every so often there are rewards for points, they come and go and may not last long but they do eventually happen, so you earn the points for future occurrences. Which people love getting free stuff so... Why not!?.

When posting the how-to you are looking for please provide some detail so that other people may be able to get the hang of what you are looking for. If you post "Need to make a block for PHP Nuke" you may never get any responses or how-to's on that.

I will be making a list for currently waiting how-to's and update it if someone decides to take on the challenge, then again update once the how-to is complete.

Although these how-to's are for a more personal reason they can STILL be used by multiple people. So I encourage those who know how to do something to take the time to write out these how-to's. I'm sure points will still be given the same as with any how-to and it will also help fill up the upcoming How-To wiki which can be linked to by anyone whether it is a smokyhost member or not.

Hopefully people will work together to help those who need help in coding or graphics designing so we can prove that smokyhosts isn't just another site but a second family, where we take care of one another. I know many of the members here are quite talented in coding, and there are quite a few of us who are not (*like myself*) who could use all the help we can get lol.

Thank you for taking the time to read and post, and thank you to all the members who will aid in the Quest for Knowledge. :D

Re: How-To Ideas!

Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:35 pm
by Xception
Thank you for posting such an in depth and useful bunch of ideas. More members here should follow your advice!