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Read Before Posting

Post by darko » Fri Apr 14, 2006 12:18 pm

i have noticed that lot's of members are posting programs in here, witch is a very good thing, but to make it easer for everyone else to get those programs, i would like to ask all of you guys to use the following pattern when posting your programs

Name: -name of the programs-
Size: - -Size of the Program-
Format: -in what format : zip rar exe...-
Description: - describe the designated program -
Link: -try to get as many links as you can of the program-

and you can post a poll, to see what people think of the program

Plus i have noticed that alot of "thank you" posts are flying around, so on behalf of the whole smokyhosts community i would like to thank any member that contributs a new program to our database, and as if this moment, i will delete any "thank you" post i see. If you would like to reply to the program contributer, you can only do that if you have a real question about the program, or you want to repoert a broken link, this will limit the spam flow in the Software discusionn section, so please sticke to this rules.

Thanks You
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