Read before you post.

All the members can introduce themselves here.

Note :: Only 1 thread per member permitted.
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Read before you post.

Post by SHAdmin » Fri Jul 22, 2005 2:29 pm

This is a topic opened due to high demand from the members. I thank all of you who suggested regarding this topic. But to participate in this topic and to keep it active without involving any spammers there are a few rules to be obeyed which are as follows:
This is an introduction forum and not a welcoming forum.
Everyone can introduce themself here by opening one thread for themself where others can refer to if they want to know anything regarding you.
No welcoming posts are permitted.
Every member is permitted to open only one thread here.
Other members are not permitted to post in others threads.
If anyone wants to change something in their post they must edit their current post and not make another post below the first one.

Enjoy your stay by just obeying the above rules;)