Mir'Keth: The Legend Begins

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Mir'Keth: The Legend Begins

Post by TheCrymsonLegends » Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:44 pm

Before I give you the link, I would like to explain what the website is about.

Mir'Keth is a mythical world that resides on the opposite side of our universe from Earth. The website will cover information which may have been left out of the book I am writing, or for better clarification.

To Come:
Character Bios
Monster Bios
City Bios
Land Bios
Humanoid Species Bios

Later On:
Text Based RPG
Book Release (When I publish it.)

I am currently coding the website, and could use some people who can give me some php codes depending on what I need it for. I could spend hours searching the web for these segments of code, (which I most likely will end up doing) or if someone wanted to, they could help.

Yes I know: I typically have these websites and ask for assistance to help code, but I am doing most of the php grunt work on my own. The themes are coded in echo "\"n; and I have already started a language file. The Language file includes many variables to make coding the theme easier.

I currently have the website themed, and ready for modules/blocks.
Site Link: http://mir'keth.dyndns.org:8245

Odd Link? Nope, it's not hosted on Smokyhosts. I had a lot of fun mixing src with scr for the <img src=""> tag, so I ended up thinking smokyhosts wouldn't let me use the tag. Boy was I wrong.

For anyone who wishes to help, here are some projects I am coding into the site.

1. News Section
2. Forums
3. Log-In w/ Admin Log-In
4. Bio Pages - Sets the main foundation for bios when retrieved from the sql database.
5. Profile
6. Side Block Order System / Shut-Off - Will use SQL Databases to either load/unload/or change order of side blocks. Basically the includes will be in there, and depending on order will depend on it's load-up.

Later On

1. Text Based Game - Thinking about Multi-player Capable, able to battle one another and trade items. Use of PHP/HTML but my PHP Knowledge is no where near capable to pull this one off.

To anyone who is interested:: Please add the following to either MSN or Yahoo Messenger:
MSN Messenger: The-Crymson-Legends@hotmail.com

Please do not contact me if you have no intentions on helping. If you wish to talk about the webpage, then do so in this forum.

I've been working with websites on and off, it was never something I could keep concentrated on. The simple fact I have to ask for help bugs the piss out of me, but if I have to then I will just take forever to learn exactly what it is I need.

This is a Content Management System, pretty much coded for the HTML/PHP Version. The problem is with integrating MySQL, I've never been able to successfully do it.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this, please let me know what you think about the website as it gets along.

Warning: The website gets updated in it's active form, which may result to rendering issues, code mishaps, and a whole slew of other problems. I am editing it's active form because it is easier to test and ensure it renders the way I want it to.

Width = 1008px If you have anything under 1024, you will have to scroll.

Also the Header Text is a separate Image layers in DIV, I was planning on using DIV for a purpose, but decided Tables are just a hell of a lot easier to manage.

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Post by TheCrymsonLegends » Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:36 am

[color="darkred"]I don't get my fancy "Edit" button in this forum, that is a bummer.

First off I would like to note that the website has been down the last few days. I was out of town and didn't have my computer online. Of course, now the website is back online and after I get it completely done, then I will rehost it on Smokyhosts.

Setting up your computer as a server is a great way to edit, view, and continuously build a website without uploading files for each change you make. I will search the how-to's to see if anyone has this posted, but it isn't wise to use your comp as a host.

Reason is, upload speeds are usually nominal, and they cannot handle many people at the same given time.[/color]

Edit: Oh there we go, I don't get it for the original page. Yay, I am happy now.
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Post by Rapboy » Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:42 pm

I tried to view your site but wasn't able to do so. I am assuming it might be down due to the fact that you have switched to smokyhosts and haven't provided the link yet.

I would have liked to help you if I knew how to code in php, but I don't. I even forgot how to code in html let alone php. I tried to learn php coding some time ago and just like you I couldn't concentrate and devote my time to it, so I ended up stopping with it completely. Now that I have a busy schedule with going to university and working, there is not alot of time for me to go back and learn how to code. To be honest for me there will be no use for it, as I am not really into making websites anymore and my job doesn't involve anything like that.

Smokyhosts has some good coder's, from what I have seen in the 'coding section'. If one of them spot's your post, he/she could lend you a hand. By the way, why don't you make a post in the 'coding section' requesting help as you will be more likely to find someone there. I hope you find someone that will be able to help you with coding problems.

With regards to setting up your pc as a server, you do encounter the problems that you have mentioned and also the threat of having people messing up your computer with viruses and trying to hack it if your site becomes abit well known.

If you want to set up your pc as a server then I would strongly recommend using another operating system than windows and having a good firewall plus anti virus. I have set up game server's as well as web server's in the past from my computer both using windows. Because I was practicing with setting up a webserver, my website wasn't known so I did not encounter problems with overloading. But I did encounter alot of problems with the game server's, especially hosting a game server whilst playing with a couple of people started to cause me severe lagg (which is when the motion doesn't flow normally, like streaming hd movie with dial up connection:p). And when alot of people joined, I just couldn't play the game. My screen use to freeze for more than 5 to 20 seconds.

Only I encountered this problem as the people that were playing with me informed me that theirs were running smoothly, which was probably due to the fact that I had a very good internet connection.

When I switched over to Linux this problem with the lagg was serverely reduced, and my pc was much more stable.

To make a long story short, I hope you find the right person to help you out.
Good Luck.

P.S. When I used Fedora(Linux) there was an option for me to setup a server, which made it much more easier.With windows(xp at that time) I had to download a couple of programs before I was able to do that.

---------------------- I wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year -------------------------
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Post by Rapboy » Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:16 pm

Oh lolz I can see the site. It looks like you made a mistake with the link you provided. It was http://mirketh.dyndns.org:8245 without the ' (http://mir'keth.dyndns.org:8245
Anyway from what I have seen, the site looks good. The only problem I have is the fact that I am on my laptop now with 1280*800 screen resolution and the 'Menu' and 'Menu Title' are out of their position. They are positioned more to the right than I think they are suppose to be, and they are not links yet which I think you will do later.
So far you have the structure in plcae which is a good thing, hopefully you will have someone sort out the codes for you before you reach your deadlines.
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Post by TheCrymsonLegends » Tue Dec 22, 2009 11:27 am

[color="darkred"] It's always nice to have a second view on the site, I'm using 1920x1080 so there may be some issues.

I've checked it with a few browsers, but depending on your browser it may render differently. I think Internet Explorer has a problem with some of the DIV Placements due to the Style tag being used. But I'll have to check it with a 1200x800 resolution to see.

As for the mistake, I do not have my edit privileges in this section... which really sucks! I think I may suggest use of the Edit Button. Thanks for the correction.

And yeah the links are not up yet because the pages are not done, I'm actually trying to design a website that technically serves no purpose yet. I've got a few ideas but it really does involve creating the text based game to bring all the pieces together.

If Flipper03 was still around, he worked on a text based game for a while, but who knows maybe my book will bring some interest towards the website.

Thanks for checking it out, I'm hoping to get more of the book done so that I know what I am looking for on the website. I ended up getting stuck writing the book, so I decided to spend my time being resourceful.

I may even change the theme, I'm still not 100% sure where either the book, the site, or the game will be headed... :P [/color]

Edit: I've already set up my computer as a Server on Windows Vista Premium 64-Bit. I had some problems relaying the wrong port which I set up for Apache to use, but I fixed it when I checked the config files for Apache.

I've hosted a World of Warcraft Private Server for experimental purposes, and my computer seems to be stable. Granted I don't run into many of the same errors as most people do with Vista, but I chuck that out to the 64-Bit Version receiving most of their attention.

I didn't manage to read your first post before I posted a reply, but I thank you for your offer if you knew php code. I would make a request for help, but I've attempted to make two other websites which would have been great... asking for help and neither of the two seemed to make it to their final stages.

Honestly, I have asked for a lot of help on this forum without being able to give much in return. If someone genuinely has an interest in my book, or the concept, then they would be more likely to work to bringing this dream of mine into a reality.

We shall see though, currently I am hosting the site on my computer to edit it easier, but once I get it into some form of Beta Format.. then I will host it on a web server. I was also noting that if there wasn't a How-To, then I was going to write a How-To in order for other people to likewise set up their computer as a web server. Granted, it isn't a practical use for websites which are "Active.
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Post by Rapboy » Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:45 am

It's a shame that you haven't been able to get any help previously. As you said not alot of people are willing to help unless there is a financial incentive inplace. Afterall most people on this forum came for free hosting. All I can say is keep on searching and maybe one day you might encounter someone who is willing to help.

With Regards to the book. Are you planning on bringing it out to the mass market? At the deadline provided by your site??
To be honest after the summary that you made in another thread about your book, I don't think (atleast from what I read) that it had that unique selling point. I could be wrong and I hope I am wrong, but somewhere in me was telling me that either I have read( I doubt that) or seen it somewhere.
If I am wrong and you are going to publish it to the market then I might be willing to invest atleast if you are in need for funds (As an intermediate invester, I would think that any extra funds are always welcome).
That will be something we might need to discuss of the forum.
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Post by TheCrymsonLegends » Mon Dec 28, 2009 1:03 am

The unique selling point is not easily mentioned in the summary, but from my point of view I think it tends to have a decent unique selling point.

Most people take 2012 as an End of the World, and I managed to take 2012 in a completely different direction.

After they discover the spacecraft, they discovered the ancient building on Mars around the same time. Basically the Outpost acts as a **** distortion field, which saves the planets of a solar system from the stars expanding. Along with our solar system, they are spread around countless other systems. The people inside the structure gets transported to a planet on the opposite side of the universe. This is where mages, warlocks, demons, dragons, kings, queens, mythical beasts, new beasts, and 14 Species of Humanoid reign.

Then the main character, Jason Branam (Captain in Delta Force, US. ARMY), begins his journey.

Basically this book covers the Legend of Jahatson Branstrom, which is the captain, on his way to becoming the King of the Human Population on Mir'Keth.

Whew, that was a lot to read.

Most Medieval books with fantasy typically start in that time period, I've basically written a book that voids everything we know to be true and tells a much different story. If I can ever get past this chapter, then things will be well worth the read :P.
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Post by Mokukony » Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:33 pm

Good read... Thanks for passing it along.

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Post by Maddi_Jane » Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:25 am

that website not working for me..hhhmm..

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