Few suggestions from SH members.

Any suggestions for the improvement of the site can be posted here.

Should the site be PRUNED?

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Few suggestions from SH members.

Post by TheCrymsonLegends » Tue Sep 05, 2006 6:00 pm

I have been thinking about the PRUNE suggestions that have been posted. I need atleast 20 people to give a statement of what they believe is the reason they decided to join Smokyhosts and continue with thier hosting.

PRUNE Member - Getting rid of the access member accounts who no longer participate in Hosting or Posting.

PRUNE Posts - Getting rid of the clutter on the forums from almost 2 years of posting.

The main reason both SHAdmin and I dislike these suggestions is the simple fact that the Members and Posts gives Smokyhosts a reputation. Although the reputation is held within the members who have stayed with Smokyhosts though thier hosting.

It's time to put your input in so that we are able to better understand why people choose Smokyhosts for thier hosting.

Me - I was using Geocities.com for my hosting then went to Geocities.co.uk because they allow PHP Uploads to thier hosting packages. I liked the simplicity of Geocities but the only reason I chose it was because I didn't know there was Free Hosting companies.

I decided to go on a search because I couldn't get my own forums without adverts on my site so it was time for a change. I searched for atleast 4 days finding people who host for free but place adverts on the sites, and you had very limited customizable options. I continued my search and on Freewebs.com's Forums I found a post for Smokyhosts. I thought it wasn't going to do very well but I decided to give it a shot. I found the Admin was a real friendly person and me and a group of 10 filled these forums up with all kinds of fun entertaining forum games so we could have fun and get our points up. I posted almost 150 or so posts and decided to build my site. I had enough points to last me a long while so I didn't need to post anymore. I continued to post here and there and kept communicating with SHAdmin for various reasons. The more problems I had the more he helped me out, I couldn't lose at this host. I joined for the mere Hosting for my Clan Site and found a friend.

About 7 months after I joined me and SHAdmin had a great friendship and I would give random thoughts that would enhance the site, basically the ideas came from Php Nuke Platinum's enhanced forums. But they would work in Smokyhosts because there are alot more people. He quickly found I had my way with words and could convince him of almost anything lol. But I continued to help with idea's and anything I can do, which led me to becoming the First Moderator on Smokyhosts. What an honor it was to be a Mod :P.

3 Months after I got Mod I lost my internet for a while, and picked up a different routine which I neglected my hosting for almost 3 months. Once I came back I found my Mod position was gone and there were Assistant Admins. So I asked if I could get back into the Moderation and he allowed me to be mod. At first it was a couple few sections but I was modding and doing a great job. No one broke the rules in my sections for the pure respect of my Mod Title.

About 4 months ago I decided I was going to give up on website creation and try something else, my life had hit a brickwall at 120 M.P.H. and wasn't moving anywhere. I kept talking on the forums and such but my hosting wasn't being used. I found the forums helped relax me somewhat and it was nice being respected by all sorts of people. I have my moments where I lash out but it's only to people who break rules or have offended someone else. Never lost my Mod position so I suppose it wasn't too bad.

Smokyhosts has helped me with some of the greatest friends I think I could ever find. I found I was respected by many people recently when I was going to leave the site, ended up flaring at someone and he told me people left because of me. Sorry dude for flaring but you suggested something that I was agaisnt. But I have gained alot from a simple host I found just to host my Php Nuke Platnium so that's why I am still here.

The 55th member to join, first to break 500 Mark other than SHAdmin, first to become Moderator, first to get mod rights to almost all forums lol.

I basically want to know why you are here, what lured you into the site and what keeps your hosting with Smokyhosts? Was it the total ammount of people? The total ammounts of posts? What was it? :P.

Not everyone can write such a sappy story lol, but you can still give your opinion on the PRUNE Suggestions made by other members. I am just Middleman getting opinions lol. This is where you shine.

Should the old posts be deleted? Should the non-active members be deleted? Is it about time to see exactly where Smokyhosts stands in ammount of people posting/hosting? The choice is up to you.

The poll will only run for 10 days, so make sure you get your word in and your vote in. Thank you for your comments and votes.

Remember these are not my ideas, I am just middleman. Those who suggested this know who they are. I am not stealing your ideas lol.

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Post by smk » Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:20 am

I picked SmokyHosts because I first wanted to experiment with web hosting and the like but then I started to look for something to use it for... But now I am becoming more active in the community which was also a part of me joining SmokyHosts. Thats all I can think of The community and great hosting...
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Post by barnes » Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:30 am

I picked SmokyHosts after coming from many other "Free by posting" type boards. (Trap17, HostMatrix.) and after being fed up with bandwidth, or space restrictions, I moved on and found SmokyHosts. At the time SmokyHosts was still pretty young. I understand how difficult it is to get members on a board, and keep an active board, so I love to support young sites, so I signed up, and posted a bit.

I love what SmokyHosts provides, lots of space and bandwidth, and not once did I see that the site was down, awesome upkeep.

Pruning none posting, non active members is more of an issue for you all, and obviouslly, if I were in your shoes, I'd prune it on up, have a "No activity for 2 months, and your account is deleted." rule. Its all up to you.

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Post by philwill30 » Wed Sep 06, 2006 1:43 am

I'm in a similar boat to Crymson. Although I beat him in joining time, I was 36! haha!
I started the first Page of Truth at xanga and was very... sad with what I could and could not do. I felt like I was always being watched and would be banned at the first thing I said that offended someone. So that started my quest for "free" web hosting. After months of searching, I finally found a young company that would exchange free web hosting for a certain amount of posts per months in the forums, and an ad on every published page. It seemed good to me, so I joined smokyhosts on January 30 2005. I published The Page of Truth about 1 week after I joined.

Soon after I was asked to run a site for the Order of the Arrow, a division of Boy Scouts. It was an MSN Group, so I got frustrated very fast with the limits of what I could and could not do in regards to design. However, we did not have the funds to do anything else. Not long after that, I was asked to build one for the Boy Scout District, and once again, I accepted. However, I could not handle an MSN Group any longer.

My thoughts turned to smokyhosts, not only had Nishant provided excellent service, but it was more friendly than the big companies. When you had a problem, you talked to the boss. The best thing was, the boss actually cared. He has always wanted to help the members in the most expedient manner, and always warned if he was able about downtime. So I moved our district to smokyhosts, and soon after, the Order of the Arrow.

Eventually I bought a resellers account, and now I am in charge of 3 websites, have other Scout Units hosting from our district, and am reaching more people every day through the BSA sites and pageoftruth.com. I believe this is all due to Nishant and his excellent site. Without admin's such as him, some of us would have dropped our dreams of having our own website long ago. Hurrah for smokyhosts! Hurrah for Nishant! Hurrah!!

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Post by Bulletproof » Wed Sep 06, 2006 6:23 am

i think its a great idea to prune members cuz if they are inactive you can delete theyre site and theyre account so its good for everyone (space and the board)

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Post by Anthony Case » Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:08 am

I can't see what benefit there is to deleting old posts and members. The first thing new people look at when coming to a new forum is the amount of posts and members as it's used as a gauge of overall activity. You also have to consider that sometimes people take voluntary or involuntary breaks from the computer. If I took an extended vacation and discovered on my return that all my posts and my account itself had been deleted, I wouldn't bother registering again.

As to the reasoning of why I'm here, I was looking for a free host and Smokyhosts simply had the best deal.

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Post by aquarium » Wed Sep 06, 2006 2:06 pm

This came as a surprise to me i have loads of problems with my internet so i didn't know what was going on at Smokyhosts and thanks to Kaky i had my forums run by someone but i havent been so much of a poster but i shurely think that some old inactive memebers with an inactive -- unused hosting should go .....

As for me im going to be more active in the following time because of my new ADSL connection :D
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Post by tswpn » Wed Sep 06, 2006 3:25 pm

I think pruning members is not a good idea - one of the reasons I joined was because it had so many members - the amount of members shows how good SmokyHosts is.
I also think that pruning posts would be stupid, for the same reason.

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Post by TheCrymsonLegends » Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:08 pm

Alright we have a few opinions and if you take an unscheduald break while remaining your hosting. Your hosting would keep your account safe.

This is for those who have never even bothered posting enough to get hosting in the first place. And to all those who have Advert ran hosting would simply stay on the list.

Also members who have Paid Hosting would stay on the list. Anyone with an active hosting account would stay active and wouldn't lose thier account no matter how long they wasn't here.

Me and Phil pshh you didn't beat me by much :P. Anyway we was here in the beginning when we had a great number of people all posting each day to get thier hosting. Honestly I didn't look for posts/users I just looked for hosting space. And to this day I can't find anyone offering much of a better deal.

But if one was to run through the memberslist before joining and saw that 100s of people didn't even bother with a single post... they may not join due to no one participating. Why have 800 people in the userlist who doesn't post 1 bit? Yes there are advantages to keeping thier names but whats with the posts? Why couldn't Smokyhosts trim back some of the old outdated posts? It would be less clutter and also be less for people who come in and post 200 posts in a single day to revive dead topics.

The choice is up to the members at this point. Me and Nishant ( SHAdmin ) have already discussed this and honestly we have 2 different opinions :P. So I wanted to figure out what the members think. It's almost impossible for us to go back and lock every single post that is outdated at this point. Would take forever and I don't want to lol. If not delete them how about a Prune Lock? Once the topic gets so old it automatically locks the topic? Nishant we will discuss that later :P.

This topic isn't really about pruning back the members or posts, but in all honesty me and him saw how people joined the site in different opinions. So this is my way of finding out if I am wrong.

I am Obsessive Compulsive so, excuse me if I am rooting for the Pruning lol. In another note, I am also for the keeping the posts and members don't know why though. Just trying to get some opinions since this site is catered to it's members :P. Thanks for the input, keep it up. Also, remember that nothing is a wrong answer. Thank you once again :).
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Post by S!leNceR » Thu Sep 07, 2006 12:56 am

Well i went to smokyhosts because its a real good web hosting and is provided freely at no cost to us, as long as we show our loyalty easily done by posting. This web hosting supports php and nuked-php something that many hosts especially free ones provide. I think it'd be a great idea to prune the inactive members and old posts, wasted space.

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