Before you post Suggestions READ THIS!

Any suggestions for the improvement of the site can be posted here.
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Before you post Suggestions READ THIS!

Post by TheCrymsonLegends » Sat May 13, 2006 5:33 am

We have been getting alot of suggestions to help improve the site and I feel that there should be some guidelines as to how you post your Suggestions so that we are sorting through some rather uncommon suggestions which really wouldn't improve anything about Smokyhosts.

First off SHAdmin if you like this make it a Sticky :).

Alright as some of you have noticed I have posted prior to SHAdmin and asked to get people to back you up on your suggestions and give more detail to why you are suggesting the suggestion. So here are some ways to help us, help you.

1. Do some research and check to see if the site doesn't already have what your suggesting or someone hasn't already suggested it.

2. Get people to back your suggestion up, if alot of people would enjoy it, then you have better chances of it coming around.

3. Clearly state what your suggestion so that everyone knows without a doubt what your intending. Do not post "need more topics". It is useless and really doesn't suggest anything important.

4. State why you would like what your suggesting, give a good enough reason behind your suggestion. If you allow us to see the suggestion from your point of veiw then it will allow us to understand it properly.

Now below are two examples of suggestions, as I have said already if others back you up, your chances are better.

Ex.1 ( Bad ) I would like a topic about movies.
[ I know we already have it but it's a good example lol, there is nothing there to back your suggestion up. Its plain and if it was anything else besides what we already have we would be like why? ]

Ex.2 ( Good ) I feel like we should have a topic in the forums about Movies so that we could discuss what movies we like and dislike. I personally would enjoy reading people's opinions before I go see a movie so I won't be wasting my money. Movies would be a great topic for all of us to relate to one another and debate on what movies are hot and which are not.
[ This gives us some ground to work with, something to understand because if we don't know why your suggesting it then it's as good a dead suggestion. ]

So use this guide to post your suggestions so that you can help us, help you. Thank you.

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